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2-8 aug 2021/ Leah Landau

At DansPlatsSkog, I will work with the ’off-cuts’  from various sound artists working with experimental techniques. I’m interested in finding samples or drafts which have been forgotten or are still lingering around, perhaps haven’t had a full life yet. I’m curious about materials that get left behind in one’s practice, and how a collection of left-overs from 
different sound artists could ignite or irritate each-other through my dancing body. If you are a sound designer / composer interested in exchanging or connecting as part of ’Off-cuts’, Leah would love to hear from you via email –
Photo details: The Sequel (2017) at Darebin Speakeasy, Melbourne Australia with Chloe Chignell, Cam Love, Natalie Abbott, Leah Landau photo by Theresa Harrsion